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Verse 1:

Cavernous darkness bricks mortar and bars
Twilight all encompassing suppressing the stars
Entombed and isolated; or so it seems
A stranger approaches her presence is strangely serene

But is she
Friend or foe
No way to know
No choice but to trust her though
Don't feel quite whole
This is a lonely hole
And she's my only hope

But not unconditionally
She has a mission for me
I'm to perform efficiently

I intend to ascend her agenda
Only then can I be cleansed
Of this curse
Which drives old friends to disperse
And just flee and they scream
In terror of me and it leaves
Me feeling so terribly

But she replies to the pained pleas of others
Scoffs mockingly
Has contempt for me
Just using me to meet her needs

I'm beginning to regret our original meeting
I'm practically her slave wouldn't you be seething
An act of generosity for selfish reasons
But wait...she's taken a beating?
She's bruised and she's bleeding?
Her life force is leaving?
Her body is weak and her breath is receding?
Can I even consider retreating?


Oh Twilight Princess
You're a cruel mistress
You keep your distance

When you look at me
You only see humanity
And feel animosity
Old wounds don't heal easy

Verse 2:

I can't comprehend
Is this supposed to be your way of making amends
Or do you suddenly sympathize with the world of humans
Give me a better explanation I'm only assuming

So you were ready to die with your hand on my face
And sacrifice your life for the whole human race
But Zelda chose you now her history is erased
Part of me wishes it was you that had taken her place

Before we go any further I demand answers
As long as I've known you you've been like a cancer
For some girl I've just met I'm already singing her elegy
So what are you waiting for



Creating a world comes with complications
The Goddesses knew this when theirs was fabricated
A sacred realm home to few became inundated
By those who coveted it and brought obliteration

Who were persecuted subsequently for generations
It's fated to happen when inequality's created
Greed and lust are impossible to be sated
Inherent human qualities breeding hatred

Your people are punished acting in proxy for your ancestors
Banished and oppressed resentment festers
Your aggression was layered and finely textured
Tempered over time by our selfless gestures  

Now this Usurper King seeks to disrupt the balance
The fate of your world and mine I'm up to the challenge


Oh, Twilight Princess
Not such a cruel mistress
Need your assistance
If we're to succeed

When you accompany me
Feels a little more like family
Each day progressively
Nothing valuable's easy

Verse 3:

Vanquishing Zant and handling Gannondorf
Reviving Zelda this quest has run its course
Suppressing evil power straight from the source
Couldn't have achieved this without your constant support

Zelda's words are sentimental but lack gravity
Considering how narrowly we avoided calamity
Shadow has been moved by light indeed
All the more reason to let this world be

Otherwise she'd be tempted to occasionally see me
Too much risk to have access between
Two realms to be free power beckoning

Plus it's easy to forget that we're exceptions
Everywhere else her people still face rejection
Prejudice predicated on false perception
From centuries of false information

This world can be cruel like every one can
Wish you wouldn't go but I respect and understand
Your decisions so stick to them I'll reflect and I'll depend

On my recollections
To be adequate alternatives to companions

I'll see you off with a warm smile and wave
This isn't your funeral this isn't your grave
I refuse to act in such a selfish way

So I set off but first wait for sunset
Into the wilderness no destination yet
The thought of Northern Lights occupies my mind
Wandering wondering what I'm trying to find


Oh, Twilight Princess
You know I'll be restless
Without your presence
Comforting me

And though you leave
I'll keep your memory
Awake and when asleep
Farewells are never easy
(The chorus is meant to be sung in a folksy, Simon and Garfunkel esque manner for anyone wondering)

A 3-verse rap I wrote for the Zelda game, Twilight Princess. Specifically concerning the relationship between Link and Midna. Now I was originally hesitant about this.

I like to do my own thing. So as a nerd rapper, one thing I realized was almost all of my peers have had at least one (if not a lot more) videogame-themed raps. But then I thought, "Yeah, but have you ever heard one that was serious in tone?" I hadn't. So having replayed the game recently for the first time in 6 years and appreciating the story (and the gameplay) much more than I did originally), but especially loving the Link/Midna character interaction, I thought I'd write a song as tribute.

It's written from the perspective of Link, as well as the player. Link, because obviously he's the character this is all happening to, but also the player, since they have an emotional reaction to the events of the game as well.
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Sxntry Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
HikariMichi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Student General Artist
I love Link and Midna's relationship and how it develops too.
So I don't really get it ... Is this a rap with a chorus that sounds folksy and Simon and Garfunkel-ish?

Wow, in here Link's reaction to Midna's leaving is really mature ...
Negative--Space Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. A lot of rap choruses are sung. I'm a big fan of folk music, so that's what I was thinking about with this song in mind. S+G, or maybe The Mountain Goats. If I had the equipment or the know-how to make beats, I definitely would've added a harmonica and an acoustic guitar to the mix.
HikariMichi Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes, now that you say it. I was just asking to see if I'd understood correctly.

That sounds awesome! I really love folk music too. Sounds nice with a harmonica and an acoustic guitar!
PEACETHROUGHPOWER Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
Such truth, I love it. :D
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